Sean Cuthbert Clinical Psychologist | COVID-19 Telehealth


Allied health professionals have been mandated by the DHHS to only see urgent or severe presentations in person, or those that are at risk of deteriorating to become severe.

I am currently available for face to face consultations of acute or urgent appointments that meet the strict DHHS criteria, with significant hygiene procedures in place. The following measures are now in place on in-clinic treatments:


* Mandatory use of hand sanitiser for all clients when arriving and leaving.

* Mandatory use of face masks for all clients.

* Clients are screened prior to their appointment, and every clients has their temperature taken.
* I wear disposable face masks and eye protection at all times.
* Disinfecting of all surfaces between clients.
* No touching of door handles.
* No appointments for clients with cold/flu like symptoms.
* No appointments for clients who have travelled overseas within last 3 weeks.

* Your appointment is not confirmed until I contact you to ensure you meet the DHHS criteria.

* If you do not meet DHHS critieria for a face-to-face service, I am available for telehealth consultations where we can provide you with psychological therapy.

Thank you for understanding that these restrictive measures are necessary for me to continue supporting our community in this time of great need.


To reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19, clients may now elect for telehealth sessions. Having ongoing access to psychological therapy during this unprecedented period is important, particularly given the stress and anxiety related to uncertainty about what the future may hold.  The government have enabled Medicare rebates for telehealth online and phone session options to allow you to see your Psychologist.  Currently, these options are in place until 30/9/2020.  (Due to evolving nature of the current situation, this information is subject to change).

For clients whose sessions are funded by other organisations (Worksafe, VOCAT, TAC), temporary arrangements have been put in place to allow for you to access telehealth sessions.  Please contact me to discuss this further.

For sessions funded by private health insurance, please contact your provider to discuss, as this may vary between funds.

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