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Sean Cuthbert Clinical Psychologist | Supervision


Clinical Supervision and Case Consultation for Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and other Counselling Professionals

Sean is a Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) approved Supervisor of Psychologists, Clinical Registrars, and Provisional Psychologists.  Sean is particularly interested in providing supervision for professionals interested in the working with trauma, and within the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy model of treatment.  For more information:


Sean is an Approved Internal Family Systems (IFS) Clinical Consultant and can therefore provide clinical supervision for post-IFS Level 1 graduates to gain IFS Certification to become either a Certified IFS Therapist or Practitioner.  Sean is available for individual supervision, and/or can work with established small groups of clinicians.  

Sessions are therapist-led and usually involve a combination of case consultation, skill building, and working with therapist parts that get activated around clients.  While these sessions often involve an experiential component, they are not a substitute for individual therapy.  To find an IFS trained therapist click here.


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